Saturday, 7 November 2009

Farmer's obituary?...

Beverley Farmer has become the latest recipient of the Patrick White Award. The award was created by White in 1974, using the grant he had received for winning the Nobel Prize for Literature one year earlier. It acknowledges writers, usually older writers, who have not received adequate recognition for their years of creative work. Australian Farmer, whose best works include 'Milk', and 'Alone', has previously criticised the award for being obituary for the winner's literary career. She was awarded the $25,000 prize for being, 'not a prolific writer but rather an intense, meditative and gifted stylist.'


  1. Hey!

    This is one great English blog, Kathryn! I think I shall be visiting often.
    Just to clarify, is a Literature Laureate a person who's won the Nobel Literature prize, whereas a Poet Laureate is the person who 'represents' their country and writes commissioned poems etc.?

    Hope you're having a good weekend!
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  2. Hey,

    Thanks :-)

    Yep, pretty much - a Literature Laureate is arguably more prestigious and worth a lot more money!

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    Kathryn :-)