Saturday, 23 January 2010

John Steinbeck to lessen Google wrath...

The Google book controversy rages on. Following the long dispute with the Author's Guild, writers have until January 28th to opt in or out of the scheme, which is currently digitising millions of books world wide. Led by Ursula Le Guin, of 'Earthsea novels' fame, several authors have expressed their digust with the deal, including Nick Harkaway and Kim Stanley Robinson; Le Guin herself called it a 'deal with the devil'. However, the tide has shifted in recent days, as the Steinbeck family has announced their decision to 'opt in'. Gail Steinbeck, the famous author's daughter-in-law, stated that while she was still against Google's 'imperious act of copyright infringement', it was time to evaluate the situation and minimise the losses. Le Guin is still continuing with her petition, to this date signed by almost 300 authors.

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