Sunday, 28 March 2010

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English novelist Virginia Woolf died in 1941, at the age of 59. Born to the model of Pre-Raphaelite painters, and an eminent critic, Woolf was immersed in a literary environment from a young age. Yet despite a promising classical education, Woolf's early life was blighted by a spate of nervous breakdowns, following the death of her mother, sister and later, her father. Many have speculated that she was also abused by her half brothers, and such depressive mood swings and subsequent institutionalisation led eventually to her suicide.

Yet during her lifetime, Woolf was held in high regard. A member of the Bloomsbury group, which included husband Leonard, Woolf is especially noted for feminist themes and is considered one of the foremost modernist writers. Her best known works include 'Mrs Dalloway', 'To the Lighthouse', 'Orlando' and 'A Room of One's Own'.

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