Friday, 16 July 2010

Justin Bieber as Holden Caulfield?...

Following J. D. Salinger's death earlier this year, there is ever increasing speculation that 'The Catcher in the Rye' will become Hollywood's latest project. Famously, all rights to makes films and even provide an illustrated book cover were prohibited during the author's life, yet this could all change. Salinger once reportedly admitted, 'since there's an ever-looming possibility that I won't die rich, I toy very seriously with the idea of leaving the unsold rights to my wife and daughter as a kind of insurance policy', paving the way for them to be sold off to the highest bidder. Yet Salinger clarified, 'it pleasures me no end, though, I might quickly add, to know that I won't have to see the results of the transaction'.

Thus the bookies have started to take bets on which young actor will be granted the auspicious task of portraying teenage antihero Holden Caulfield. While a string of now aging stars have been linked in the past, it is a younger generation who are attracting the headlines. Zac Efron features at 25/1, Nick Jonas at 20/1, and Justin Bieber pitches in at 12/1. It has yet to be seen what sort of reaction this will engender from diehard fans, but odds on, the 16 year-old Canadian will not exactly be what most had in mind.


    Holden is my idol, I love him, if it's any of those people I will cry because they will all ruin my image of Holden and make a bunch of 12 year olds fall in love with something they don't even understand. This is why it should NEVER BE MADE INTO A FILM.

  2. Totally agree. Although it must be said that it's not my favourite book, it would be rubbish if any of them got it, and judging by the fact that Justin Bieber doesn't understand what Germany is, do we really think he can read? :-)

  3. Poor Salinger. He must be turning over in his grave.

  4. Aw I really love this book and I think It shouldn't be made into a movie and if it is they should use more obscure actors to portray the characters or make the movie more for adults because using any of those actors would just make it a kids movie.

  5. if Holden where real he would say Jusin bieber is the biggest phoney ever!! I love the book, am 14 and I don't think the catcher in the rye should be a film as j.d sailgner said the film wouldnt work because most of the book is in holden's imagination, but I sort of disagree on his statement because Holden could have thought of somthing that wasn't real but to the film it was the best example would be "girl interupted" the Winona Ryder character Susanna she has scizofria and scenes play about with her disorder. I think the actors should ither be:
    Johnny depp
    Lenonardo DeCaprio
    Micheal Pitt
    Jarred Leto