Wednesday, 7 July 2010

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Sherlock Holmes' companion Dr. Watson, was said to have been born in 1852. Ironically, the Arthur Conan Doyle creation, recently played by Jude Law in the Hollywood film, was born on the same day that Doyle himself died in 1930. The debut dectective novel 'A Study in Scarlet', reveals John Hamish Watson as having undertaken Army surgeon training, joining British forces in India and Afghanistan, before a wound incurred led to his return to England.

A bit of a womaniser, having had up to three wives, Watson is often required to use his own intellect in solving crimes and therefore earns himself the title of companion, as opposed to any self-styled lackey. Although Watson is probably best known in conjunction with the phrase 'Elementary, my dear Watson', the quotation does not actually appear in its entirely within the works.

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