Thursday, 5 November 2009

On this day...

American author Joyce Maynard was born in 1953. As a young woman, she wrote for 'Seventeen' magazine and later, an article for 'New York Times Magazine'; yet her most famous literary works came in the form of novels. 'To Die For', later adapted into a film starring Nicole Kidman, was the first to gain widespread favour, and this was followed by 'The Usual Rules'; one of the first books to deal with the attacks of 11th September 2001. Yet despite her own, successful literary career, she is perhaps best known for her relationship with author J.D. Salinger; she was 18, he 53. The relationship started with an exchange of letters, leading to Maynard dropping out of Yale to live with Salinger, forgoing a scholarship. It was ended ten months later; Salinger stating that Maynard wanted children and he felt too old. Maynard auctioned the letters in 1999, and they fetched $156,500.

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