Saturday, 26 December 2009

David Tennant speaks daggers...

On a similarly Shakespearian theme, David Tennant has reprised his award winning role as Hamlet. The some time Time Lord combined with fellow actor Patrick Stewart to recreate the Royal Shakespeare Company's production, which proved a sellout success in London's West End. The three hour long drama was aired today on BBC2, and can be seen here. 'Hamlet' is Shakespeare's longest play, and is often one of the most popular to perform, given the numerous interpretations that can be applied to it. Other actors to have played the role include Jude Law and Sam Waterston, with John Simm taking it up later this year.


  1. Love him!!!! Not in the dodgy way that a few people I know do though!! =D

  2. He was absolutely brilliant in it! Wish I'd gone to see it in theatre now :-)

  3. He is lovely :) i keep watching (plus doctor who)!!! I know if he is ever in it again i'm going to c it!!! :)