Monday, 1 February 2010

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Differing from the classics, contemporary American author Meg Cabot was born in 1967. Originally intending to become an illustrator, Cabot studied arts at university in order to retain her love for creative writing as a hobby. Yet it was not until the age of 30, having petitioned for three years, that Cabot published her first novel; 'Where Roses Grow Wild', written under pseudonym Patricia Cabot. Several other pen-names followed, as she struggled to find a permanent publisher, writing instead for at least three. Yet her literary breakthrough came with the introduction of the 'Princess Diaries' series. Published in more than 40 countries, the now ten part work, spent 30 weeks on the 'New York Times' children's bestseller list and has made a large contribution  to Cabot's astonishing sales figures; now reaching more than 15 million. As well as winning numerous awards, the books have led to highly successful film adaptations, featuring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews; a phenomonen, Cabot says, which has only been positive.

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