Wednesday, 17 March 2010

People never give your message to anybody...

Aspects of J.D. Salinger's intensely private life have been revealed with the opening of a new exhibition. A previously unseen collection of the author's letters have gone on show in New York. Although the Morgan Museum and Library has been in possession of these letters since 1998, it had chosen not to make them public, on account of Salinger's own wish for privacy.

Yet following his death at the age of 91 earlier this year, the museum has ended the wait, and believes that the letters portray Salinger positively; 'They show that he wasn't this weirdo, reclusive, bizarre man that many people have come to think of him as'. The letters, dated from 1951 to 1993, include popular culture references, deatils of his ongoing, yet unpublished, works and even contain a Holdenesque idiolect discernable in addresses such as, 'old orange' and 'buddyroo'. Overall, the audience is able to see 'a much more attractive, fully human side of Salinger'. The exhibition will last from March 16th until May 9th.

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