Wednesday, 10 March 2010

On this day...

Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, died in 1948, aged 47. Born Zelda Sayre, she met her future husband at a country club in Alabama, where the then 21 year old first lieutenant was posted. Meetings become almost daily between the two, and were only interputed briefly, when Fitzgerald was summoned North. Yet a year later, Fitzgerald was discharged, and following a disrupted engagement, the two were married in 1920, just days after Fitzgerald published his first book, 'This Side of Paradise'.

 Labelled the 'first American Flapper' by her husband, Zelda's witty review of his work led to her publishing some of her own short stories and articles. By 1930, Fitzgerald has become severly alcoholic, and Zelda's mental and physical health suffered. She was admitted to a sanatorium in France, and shortly after was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Eight years after Fitzgerald's own death in 1940, Zelda was killed by a fire which spread through the hospital in which she was staying. Nine other women also died.

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