Monday, 15 November 2010

I am Dracula and I bid you welcome...

Seen by many as the epitome of gothic fiction, Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' has horrified some, inspired others, and entertained many. Although written in 1897, the story has seen new life breathed into it by Sell a Door's theatrical version, based on Liz Lochead's adaptation.

Boasting a wonderful cast, including names such as Louis J. Parker, Matthew Grace and Sophie Holland, the performance is one of raw emotion, conveying an intensity that brings the evil Transylvanian count to life. Yet it is more than simply a piece of artistic brilliance - it is a profound psychological exploration. The charcter of Renfield, powerfully depicted by Kieran Hennigan, provides a constant commentary, as the facade of his insanity proves a cover for alarming insight that ultimately goes unheeded.

'Dracula' is a play based around love, be it sisterly affection, Harker's romantic intentions, or the pure lust of the title character, and it is here that Sell a Door excel themselves. The sincerity in each relationship is evident and acted with such passion that it intensifies the tragedy of the production's conclusion.

Sell a Door's performance will be on at the Greenwich Playhouse in London until December 5th, with tickets available here. A trailer for the production can be seen here

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