Monday, 16 November 2009

Doctor Who?...

It has been announced that next year will see the publication of a new Doctor Who novel. Michael Moorcock, a science fiction writer famed for the 'Elric of Melnibone' series, stated that he had been approached by BBC books to write a novel available for publication next Christmas. However, many fans have been critical, believing that, as someone not associated with the show, Moorcock's interpretation will not fit in with their own view ane perhaps is not a big enough name. Yet Moorcock is quick to counter this, declaring himself to have watched the show for years and saying; 'since the Tom Baker series, a lot of my ideas crept into the stories and so in many ways I'll be writing a story which already echoes my own work.' This announcement follows the airing of a second Doctor Who special this year, and so is likely to only increase the fanaticism that surrounds the series; which is set to introduce new Doctor Matt Smith next year.

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