Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Messy Dickens a New York success...

A new exhibition has opened in New York, based around a handwritten manuscript of 'A Christmas Carol'. The famous Dickens novel was written in a period of six weeks, starting from October 1843, and according to exhibition curators, the speed is obvious. 'The manuscript is a mess', showing Dickens' revisions and annotations and revealing the way in which the plot was developed; for instance, the name Bob Cratchit was not thought of until midway through writing. Originally written for quick commercial success, due to failing finances after last novel 'Martin Chuzzlewick, the initial print run sold 6,000 copies in one week and has never been out of print since. It has been adapted innumerable times for stage and screen; the most recent being Jim Carey's film version, which premiered earlier this month. The book, bound in red morocco leather, along with other Dickensian items are on display in the Morgan Library in New York until January 2010.

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