Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Religious approval for Hughes?...

Poet Ted Hughes may be honoured with a plaque in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner. The Dean of Westminster said that he had received a number of letters persuading him to the cause; a cause supported by fellow poets Seamus Heaney and Andrew Motion. A former Poet Laureate, Hughes is best known for his marriage to Sylvia Plath, whose subsequent suicide in 1963 shocked the literary world. If selected for a plaque, Hughes would be the first since the man he succeeded as Poet Laureate in 1984, John Betjeman; and would join the likes of Thomas Hardy, William Blake and T.S. Eliot. Hughes died in 1998, and is described by Heaney as 'one of the vital presences in 20th century poetry.'

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  1. Hi,

    sees the release of a two-year project by Fernand Péna, a privately released CD based on Blake’s poetry and titled "Ode to William Blake".
    Numerous excellent research and studies have been written to publicize the work of William Blake, ideas, beliefs, visions, spirituality ... ... ..
    This project from Fernand Pena "Ode to William Blake" has no other ambition but to participate in this action.
    "Even if my knowledge of the English language is very limited, I discovered each day –reading, working on his poems and singing them- the expression of universal Truth:
    Human Being is everything." F. Pena
    Péna, who has been a musician and singer since 1968 in bands.
    As Blake proves it, the experimentation of this theory goes trough art, poesy, music, liberty, intangible factors.
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